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New England Patriots, Kentucky basketball, Alabama football, Duke basketball, San Antonio Spurs.  Good teams!

Oakland Raiders, Purdue football, NC State basketball, Philadelphia 76ers.  Not good teams!

What’s the difference between the two groups?

Why is it that Kentucky can take the best individual basketball players and have them play as a team?  Why can the Patriots take character cast offs from other NFL teams and get them to perform?  Why does Alabama take 5 star football players and have them think team first?  And how in the world does a small market team like the Spurs challenge for the title for an entire decade?

For all of the good teams, it is not the physical location, or the funding, or anything that the other schools don’t have the opportunity to do.

The secret sauce is the culture.

They have a way of doing things that is non-negotiable.  They have defined their process and they stick to it.  And if someone doesn’t fit, they don’t adjust their culture to fit the individual.  They tell the individual to go elsewhere.

So what does your culture look like?  Are you clear about what attributes your players need, and ensure they buy in before joining the team?  If they do buy in and don’t live up to their promise, do you move them onto another opportunity?

The best companies do.

The movie the Internship about Google was more about cultural fit than it was about whether they could code or not.  It was about if the team would be better off with them a part of it.

What do you need to do to join the “Good Team” list?

Whether you are a business owner in North Carolina, Connecticut or Montreal, an effective team is what gets true results for the owner.  If you need help, reach out to your local ActionCOACH business coach.

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