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I was talking with a business owner the other day and they mentioned that checklists were dead and a thing of the past.  Really?

I’ve got two good examples of enormous modern companies that have brought the checklist back to the forefront—Apple & Amazon.

The other day I ordered “The Oz Principle “from Amazon and it recommended “How Did that Happen”.  So it took what I was buying and suggested that I buy something else as well.  Sounds like a checklist to me.

Today I bought Magic Power on ITUNES (a classic Triumph song that was actually why I started guitar lessons) and it suggested I buy a song by Rush from Signals.  Yes, checklist number 2.  So, if Amazon and Apple can do it, why can’t you do it in your business.  The answer is, you should.

So here are the steps.  Figure out what additional items a customer can buy from you when they buy an item.  Put together  a list for your sales staff to use (don’t trust their memory) so that you can increase your average dollar sale.

For example, let’s say that you are running a hardware store and have a promotion on paint.  I come in and buy a gallon of paint.  At checkout, your sales person asks if I have a roller, brush, drop cloth, turpentine, etc.  I end up buying two additional items that I meant to get but forgot to put in the basket.

Now, because of the checklist, you have sold more and I’ll save time not having to make an additional trip.  A true WIN/WIN.

Every business can use a checklist to increase sales and help clients manage their time.  What checklist do you need to put in next year?

Steve Brock, ActionCOACH North Carolina


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